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 RadioBox System

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RadioBox is a “system”

In the “old” days of Radio networks, you’d carefully build your programming – complete with “cut-outs” for timed events such as mandatory breaks and news windows – and then make a very expensive deal with with a satellite service to uplink your program to “their” bird.  They, in turn, downlink your program to “your” affiliates via a clumsy big dish and some kind of expensive receiver, complete with “closures” to remind “your” affiliates when to run legal ID’s, trip a spot break, etc.  It was a one size fits all, take-it-or-leave-it approach to network programming, never allowing programmers – or affiliates – the luxury of working together to create the perfect programming solution for each respective market.

With RadioBox, we can say goodbye to that traditional – and expensive – and limited service business model for Radio Networks and, instead, usher in an age of custom Radio delivery to whatever degree of specificity that is called for.   With RadioBox, format and program syndication becomes a whole new playing field that allows regional and specialty and niche networks even footing with the “Big Guys.”

A RadioBox Radio Network, for example, could be as simple as a regional radio owner, with three facilities, who would like to control programming from “home office” and yet respond effectively and appropriately to needs that each community served has.   Or, it could be a successful “niche” programmer who has several friends in the business who admire that success and would like to help expand that story via their own properties.  And, of course, it could be a mainstream format provider who simply would like to move away from the fixed cost expense of syndicating via satellite and the programming limitations it imposes.  (What self-respecting programmer would choose to make a category called “timed fill records”?)

But, it doesn’t stop there .. the RadioBox network model helps operators who seek to programming a world-wide-web oriented version of their program online while maintaining the ideal localized version for their terrestrial broadcast – or perhaps chooses to offer variations of their main format on HD Radio channels.  In fact, RadioBox can be even be used to drive custom format delivery directly to station’s group of sponsors.  A car dealer, for example, could feature, on the lot and in the showroom, a highly customized version of a local radio station offering – complete with shielding from competing dealership advertisements.

In fact, the advantages of being able to cost effectively deploy RadioBox to multiple broadcast points, offers you virtually unlimited control over program content for each applicable audience.

RadioBox Case Study

RadioBox Case Study - The Groove