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RadioBox Software

RadioBox software is how you feed your RadioBox with the programming instructions – much like you might on any traditional hard-drive system you might have worked with in the past.

You probably use a music scheduling software to help organize your program flow and RadioBox is programmed using much the same manner.  In the RadioBox way, you upload your daily program log, with your hour-by-hour broadcast instructions. to RadioBox.  Similarly, as your traffic commercial scheduling software log becomes available, you also upload your daily commercial log to RadioBox.

This is where RadioBox shows its intelligence – it checks the playlist, reviews its onboard “audio inventory” to confirm it has the titles available for play, and then “fetches” any updated or “new” titles called for, via download, from RadioBox service.

Since RadioBox is designed to be at the “point-of-broadcast” at each of your broadcast points, you can offer customized playlists to each RadioBox in your network.   So, if your station in City A needs commercials geared for City A – no problem!  Your station in City B needs commercials geared for City B – also no problem!  You can even adjust programs from “head-end” to “head-end”.  Let’s say City A broadcasts the big football game on Saturday afternoon, while your station in City B plays music non-stop … both easily accomplished in the RadioBox world.

In fact, your programming variations – anything from commercials, to promos, to weather forcasts, to even voice tracks and song titles, can be customized to each “head-end” and, because it is NOT an “ad-insertion” effort, but rather full 100% playlist control, you can drill down to whatever level of programming control that your broadcast requires.

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