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The Custom Radio Network Delivery System.

RadioBox breaks the traditional Radio Network approach of “broadcast once-to-many.

RadioBox is a next-generation “broadcast to-as-many-needed-and-customized-as needed” approach.

Old School System:

Traditional Radio Network Model

Radio Networks historically provided programming to affiliates via real-time satellite delivery and more recently via “store-n-forward” downloads, with affiliates “rebroadcasting” a somewhat localized version.   Radio Networks relied on a “one-size-fits-all” delivery system with a “roll-up-the-cuffs-and-make-it-look-like-it-fits” localization. To do this, Radio Networks typically delivered real-time ready-to-air programs with specific “closures” signaling local affiliates to add Station Identification and/or local commercials.

Most listeners, at one time or another, have heard the results of technology gone bezerk: the most important part of a network feed clipped off at just the wrong time; a local announcement with critical information being usurped by a timed return to network cue; or one of the countless myriad of misconnects, satellite “bleeps”, etc., in the klugey world of ad insertion technology.

RadioBox System:

RadioBox Network System

The RadioBox System of network syndication flips the traditional syndication model by moving program control from the rear-end of the program chain to the head-end. In other words, programming structure originates with the network, but actual syndication occurs at the point-of-distribution.    With this approach, broadcasts are now fully “customized” for particular audiences and constituencies closest to their point of usage/purchase.

The RadioBox System uses the internet to do the “heavy-lifting” of content delivery and management. Network programming is integrated with local content at the point-of-distribution – i.e., the actual RadioBox located closest to point of final broadcast, whether that be a radio transmitter, stream encoder, retail location or even a smart phone app.   Those listening an “on-air” product created appropriate for their listening situation/location/atmosphere.

RadioBox redefines the radio network experience by offering all the advantages and efficiencies of one program broadcast with an economical distribution system that focuses on creating value for the listeners (and advertisers) by reaching them efficiently and with content cut to the continuity of the listening environment.

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